Website Ranking Dropping? Here’s the Solution!

Undoubtedly, 93% of website traffic relies on search engines. So, keeping your ranking higher on search engine results pages is one of the necessary tasks to get the attention of users. In order to stay one step ahead of the users, you have to create a fully optimized website. But, what is the reason for your website ranking dropping drastically? A loss in website traffic is the outcome of several factors. Analyzing the whole criteria, there are major 6 key factors which determine the cause of website ranking drop.

Website Ranking Dropping? Here’s the Solution!

Redesign Website

Whether you redesign or want to edit the details on your website. You should consider the below tips:

  • Add unique and crucial information so that your potential clients could remain on the site.
  • Make sure redesigning your website and content together could not affect your hard earned ranking.
  • Analyze the inbound links structure to check they all are working well.
  • Map out all 301 redirects and implement them effectively.
  • Conduct a site audit before you could redesign or make changes in your site.

Traffic Sources

There are several different sources to get traffic on your website. The search engines pay attention to several pages that get the click. The common resources to gain the traffic are:

  • Organic Search Results
  • Social Media Sites
  • Referrals
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Search

Internal Navigation

Simpler navigation you have easier it will be for the users to gain the information. If the users find the layout difficult or confusing to follow, they will leave your site. A flat structure with two or three deeper levels is assumed as the best format.

Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Your site ranking also affects when your competitors implementing advanced strategies. You have to first analyze the strategies of your competitors and then go one step ahead to utilize the tools improving your site ranking. A number of resources can check the past and present versions of sites of your competitors.

Link Penalties

Google penalizes the sites with the low-quality links that affect the site ranking. Likewise, you have to disavow spam links if unscrupulous competitor trying to send them to your site. Remember,

  • High-quality links can be created by utilizing a solid strategy.
  • Broken links should be fixed with new valuable links.

Analyze The Visitor’s Time

User engagement is the main purpose of search engine ranking and Google analytics helps to measure an average time that users spend on your site. Following are metrics that determine if you have certain pages for improvement, fix these problems as soon as possible:

  • Easy Navigation
  • A Great Design
  • Readability and Shorter Paragraphs
  • Various Content
  • A compelling CTA
  • Fresh Content
  • Relevant Keywords

After examining the important factors on your website, you will be able to improve the ranking of your website. If you are looking for the professionals, at MediaLabz, we help our clients to rank their business on top, generate the leads, get more traffic and improve the revenue.

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