Shopify Website Design Tips for Your Business

More than half a million people are indulged in Shopify for their website. This platform has been serving business in more than 175 countries. The merchants on the Shopify platform have increased about 75% annually since 2012. It is one of the best-known and easy-to-use platforms for establishing an eCommerce business.

In today’s time, people prefer to use Shopify. It takes care of the domains, hosting, front end, and back end functionality, saving time, money and certain resources to be spent on UX or UI of the website. This proves to be constantly effective and will continue to be so in the year 2021 and so on.

Shopify Website Design Tips for Your Business

What are the Features of the Shopify Platform?

  • It helps in integrating the platform with payment gateways such as Paypal and Stripe.
  • There are no extra payments in the Shopify platform compared to other external options available.
  • It allows the users to use gift cards and use up store credit.
  • The Shopify platform offers the customers the customizable payout page
  • The visitors have the option to have guest accounts and or user accounts.
  • It offers effective static pages like privacy policies and terms and conditions.
  • The Shopify platform also offers landing pages along with promotional content
  • The stores give access to the passwords in time of development
  • It offers the business to add product variants and customizable options
  • It offers smart collections in order to categorize the products
  • Shopify also allows you to search and tag functionality for better product discovery.
  • They also help the developers to have dynamic websites and mobile apps.

Tips for Attractive and Awesome Shopify Website Design

Custom Navigation
Presenting the customer with a lot of options at once can make the visitor overwhelmed. Thus, Shopify makes sure to offer custom navigation. This helps the customers to understand in order to prioritize their products as per the collections.

This is a feature that allows the grouping of one kind of product. They are sorted and matched as per their criteria. Each is tagged with a certain product tag but falls within a particular category.

Product tags
Product tags help in finding similar products in order to create an internal collection. The best benefit is that they allow the faceted search to the users. This makes it easy for the users to filter the products as per their choice.

Use of Captivating Product Images
Shopify allows merchants to upload awesome and creative pictures to help showcase the product for the users Thus, the users know what they are getting into.

Display Clear and Detailed Product Information
Speaking clearly and in detail about the product helps in analyzing whether it is the right fit for the user or not. Thus, it also helps the user to compare the various products in their mind.

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