How To Drastically Improve Your Website’s UX?

The success of a website depends on the number of visitors it attracts and the lead conversions it earns. The longer a visitor stays, the more he/she is pleased with your website’s interface. To ensure a positive user experience, it is important to make sure your website layout and design are all accessible, efficient and easy on the eyes. If you are able to achieve all these aspects, then you can surely own a successful business website.

How To Drastically Improve Your Website’s UX?

Some ways to ensure better user engagement and experience are:

  • Design for the users:

    Before choosing a layout for your website, don’t forget to keep your target audience in mind. Make sure the design you choose is easy to navigate and meet all your needs. Before going live with the website, you can conduct a feedback response from the customers to make sure they are liking the design or not.

  • Less is more:

    With the web being loaded with millions of websites, a survey reveals that visitors often wait for just 3 seconds for the website to load. If it doesn’t open up by that time, they move onto other websites. This means you’ve just got 3 seconds to engage your online visitors. To impress customers, make sure the homepage is properly arranged with only the important content and anchor links that clearly point towards other pages.

  • Add unique visuals:

    A picture is worth a thousand words is a well-known phrase that is completely relevant to be applied on the websites. By adding unique and impressive visuals, images, banners, and animations, a business owner can improve the user experience of the clients. To compel your visitors to make a purchase, try editing eye catching images that define your product or service in the best way.

  • Include white spaces:

    As the name suggests, it is the blank space that is left between the two elements or along the borders to ensure better readability and navigation. By including enough of space, one can easily organize the content, text, images, and icons to ensure a better view of the website.

  • Use relevant CTA’s:

    Call to Action i.e. CTA is the basic yet necessary element of every website. It includes impressive content and a call to action button that compel the users to take an action, buy a product or to get a free quote or consultation.

These are some of the easy ways to improve the user experience of a website. If you are looking for a trusted web design and development company in Calgary, contact our web developers at MediaLabz right away.