2016’s Best SEO Tools and Software for Optimization

Optimizing an SEO is using a website data to take short-term decisions to generate long-term goals in result. To provide better outcome, access quality data for your website. To perform ‘DIY SEO’, software are needed.

2016’s Best SEO Tools and Software for Optimization

Use these SEO tools and software for securing top rank in Google.

  • Google Analytics

    Google provided tool keeps the track details of the visitors arriving at your website. It displays you how people are arriving and where are they going ahead. Code of your website is brimmed into this tool to keep track of the data.
    Use: keyword research, website data.

  • Google Search Console

    Also known as webmaster tools. This is used to expose what happens on the Google search page, top pages and your ranking. Connecting your website to this tool is needed to view data.
    Use: keyword research, top pages in Google search, XML sitemap upload, Google keyword ranking, inbound link tracking.

  • Google Adwords Keyword Planner

    This tools is considered for judging keyword options and search volumes for your SEO.
    Use: keyword research, competitor research, search volume data.

  • Google Search Suggestions

    This search tool provide suggestions on keyword phrases based on search entered.
    Use: keyword research

  • Google Trends

    Google Trends displays the major searches and activity on Google search engine over years to show you data shifts.Use: keyword research

  • Bing Webmaster Tools

    It grants you information about health of your website and its XML sitemap. This tool will provide you data results only if you connect your website to this tool.
    Use: keyword research, top pages in Bing search, Bing keyword ranking, XML sitemap upload, inbound link tracking

  • MOZ Toolbar

    Toolbar from Moz grants quick access to most of on-page factors of SEO, Domain & Page Authority.
    Use: competitor research.

  • MOZ Open Site Explore

    This tool yields great information on link opportunities and links used.
    Use: link review, competitive research.

  • My Business Listing

    My Business Listing provides information on local and global directories and local listings available.
    Use: Local SEO, directory review

  • Yoast SEO Plugin

    To optimize your content in your WordPress website or blog, this plugin is used.
    Use: on-page optimization

  • All in One SEO Plugin

    This plugin is also used for optimizing content in your website or blog.
    Use: on-page optimization

  • SpyFu

    Considerable tool for comparing organic and paid search of competitors.
    Use: keyword research, competitive research

  • Semrush

    This tool displays a mix of data of a desktop and mobile visitors.
    Use keyword research, competitive research,

  • Alexa

    Splashes ranking of websites for you to compare yourself with your competitors.
    Use: competitive research, keyword research

  • WooRank

    WooRank provide some technical data on your website.
    Usage: keyword research, competitive research

  • SimilarWeb

    This tool provides similar data as others website, but visual in nature.Usage: keyword research, competitive research

These are the few tools and softwares for optimizing SEO for better ranking. If you want to secure top rank in Google, contact our SEO professionals in Calgary for best organic search results.