10 Essential Tips to Improve Your Web Design

10 Essential Tips to Improve Your Web Design

When you ask for ‘what Perfect web design means?’, it means with the first impression of the front page, the visitor gets well understood about your company service. If It’s not in the case of your website, then you must think of improving its web design.

Your website should represent your company and give an overview like “who you are ”, “what services you offer” and “How to contact you”. It makes it easy for the user to decide whether he should opt for your services or not.

10 Essential Tips to Improve Your Web Design

Website designing does not mean only representing your company services, It must be responsive, user friendly and contains relevant features or functionality which offer a hassle-free browsing experience to the user. We have shortlisted Best 10 essential tips to improve your web design, have a look below:-

1. Create a Plan

Before going directly to the designing process better is to make the first proper planning of it. Your website must be effective which can convert your visitor into leads so do proper research work and choose the design that suits your business. The design should be impressive and consist of all informative content that can represent your business justifiably.

2. Remove Unnecessary Features and Content

Its a fact, if your website contains any unnecessary features or irrelevant content, it will worsen user experience and lead to customer loss for you. To remove all the extra images, content or features which visitors will not get to understand. Include only those images, content or any feature which is relevant to your business services.

3. Include social media share & follow button

While designing websites make sure social media share & follow buttons should be there otherwise you will lose huge website traffic & audience. Just suppose if visitors like your content and feel like it’s an amazing content to share on social media, then by using social media share & follow button he can share your content on his social media profile. Through which you will get traffic or audience too. A social media share & follow button will help you to get new customers with the same interest and increase your reach on social media like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

4. Design Long Frontpage

Most people get confused about what kind of front page you should make longer or shorter. If you design a longer front page it would be better for you. Your front page must give a basic understanding of your business to the visitor, so better is to include all the relevant information on the front page. If they feel it interesting, they will scroll through. The first section of the front page must contain a ‘value proposition’, that leaves a strong impression on the visitor. You can also add on some more features like Intro video (Express basic info about “who you are”) or customer success story

5. Hassle-free Navigation

Your website must be easy to navigate and offer a hassle-free experience for visitors to find the same information which he is looking for. The website should be designed that much enough which makes visitors understand, on which page he is or which page they should open as per their need. Otherwise, you may lose a potential customer.

6. Create a Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Nowadays if your website design is not friendly you will lose 70% to 80% Potential customers. Only 20% to 30 % of users use computer and laptop devices, desktop, etc. As per google if visitors face problems in page loading on the mobile phone, 60% of people will not revisit your website and 40% of people will move ahead towards your competitor’s website.

7. SEO Friendly Website Design

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) helps you to rank your website on the search engine result page. SEO is not a simple concept, it is very complex and deep. But you can follow below written SEO rules and Tactics during designing website:-

  • You have to use proper heading tags(H1, H2, H3) in the content of your whole website.
  • Use Targeted keywords should be maximum 3 times in the content, Don’t use more than 3 times.
  • Try to use internal and external links in your website design with relevancy.
  • Always Name each image by using keywords.
  • You have to Add keywords in the permalinks of your all web pages.

8. Use Animated Content

Any visual animation like galleries and slideshows can be a fantastic addition to your website Design, but not limited up to that. You should use loading animation, hover, scrolling, background, and so on. It makes the website more interesting and professional.

9. Solve 404 Errors

Once the design is completed, check every link of your website and go through internal and external links that you have used in your content. If any of these links are not working or broker then remove them immediately and rebuild all these links. So that users can have hassle-free navigation experience on your website and become a potential customer.

10. Conduct Testing

You should test your website design during or after completion of it to check any kind of designing bugs whether it meets your requirements or not. So that you can make changes accordingly. Testing includes checking Button colors, Landing Page designs are perfect or not, Header/footer at the right place, Content arrangement and most important Page load time/ performance.

If you follow the above written tips, it will definitely help you to ensure that your web design is perfect, effective and responsive or user friendly for your audience.

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